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In these days of economic crisis, many people are thinking of ways to protect their valuables.  Burying your money in a coffee can in the back yard may not be such a good idea, but a safe can protect your valuables from burglars and fire.

Area Wide Locksmith has many different safes in stock to help you with your property security needs. 

We proudly carry safes from American Security Products. 

Many of the safes sold at home centers and department stores are minimal fire resistant safes at best.  Let us here at Area Wide Locksmith show you the differences and specific value of a REAL safe.


Burglary Safes: They offer protection against theft, but very little against fire. Usually they have solid metal walls and a heavy door resistant to a drilling, cutting or prying attack. Hardened resistant metals are often used to slow down attempts to break into the safe.

Fire Safes:
Usually they are made of a thin metal, double wall and have a fire-resistant insulating material between the walls. They have a minimum level of security because they are designed to protect (especially papers) against fire. They have to maintain an internal temperature of less than 200 degrees Celsius (the point at which documents will be destroyed). The safes provide the fire protection for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Fire/burglary Safes:
They are generally multi-purpose safes and offer good protection both against thefts and fire. They are designed like a burglary safe, but have a secondary wall inside that contains insulation (the material that helps the safe to maintain a low temperature).

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